Do you want to see where Jesus walked?

Experience the Passion Week like never before with video tours that take you to the locations in Jerusalem where it happened.

My 6-day Bible reading plan gives you relevant Scriptures, practical devotionals, and daily, stunning HD virtual tour videos to help you connect the Bible and its lands to your life.


What You Will Experience...

You don’t have to go all the way to Jerusalem to experience Passion Week... I'll bring it to you!

With my reading plan, practical devotionals, relevant Scriptures, and HD virtual tours, you’ll be able to connect the Bible and its lands to your life like never before.


Palm Sunday

The steep descent of the Mount of Olives that faces Jerusalem follows a narrow road with...



Sometimes what we expect isn’t what we get. Monday of Passion Week proved that way for Jesus.


Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday of Passion Week was a busy day for Jesus. He spent the bulk of His time at the Temple...



On Thursday of Passion Week, Jesus sent two of His disciples into Jerusalem to prepare for the Passover...


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Good Friday shows us two choices: sin’s penalty in death or sin’s remedy in grace. If we’re honest, the only difference between these two disciples was...


After Easter

Through Christ, you have a second chance. You have purpose. Let’s start over...


Dr. Wayne Stiles

Author & Bible Lands Expert

A veteran traveler to Israel, Dr. Wayne Stiles has taught and written extensively on the devotional benefits of the Holy Land on his popular blog, in his books, as well as in dozens of published articles.

He is also the host of Walking The Bible Lands—a virtual tours membership, where more than 6,000 people have explored the Holy Lands through his videos and devotionals.

Dr Wayne Stiles

What others have said...

“The videos are beautifully done with professional quality, and you do a wonderful job in explaining everything because it can get really confusing!”

“Such insightful videos. I could really 'feel' the scene and be awed by what Jesus put Himself through for the love of us. I will watch these again next week and let Him work change again in my life.”

“So many beautiful visuals to connect with Scripture. It truly does feel like walking with our Savior, Jesus, through Passion Week.”


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Wayne Stiles has served in fulltime Christian ministry for more than 30 years. After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, he served in the pastorate for 14 years in the church he helped to plant. He also served in leadership at Insight for Living Ministries, the Bible-teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll, for 12 years. He has served on the Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters and as an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Walking the Bible Lands brings together more than 30 years of study, teaching, and 25+ first-hand tours to the Bible Lands that take you on a virtual tour of the Holy Land through video.

He has been married to his wife, Cathy, for more than thirty years. They live in north Texas and attend Stonebriar Community Church, where he volunteers as the teacher of a large adult Sunday school class. Wayne and Cathy have two adult daughters and a son-in-law. 

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